Icon A5 goes like greased lightning


Called the ‘sports car of the sky’, the Icon A5 goes where no Ferrari has gone before: Cloud City. A collaberation between an F16 fighter pilot and a skateboarder (we expecte a flying jet-board soon), the two-seater flying machine hits top speeds of 200mph with a range of 300 nautical miles, and has foldable wings for easy storage. The super-car inspired cockpit is decked out with a GPS moving map, MP3 playback, wrap around canopy, even an LCD multifunctional display. The whole thing will set you back US$139,000, but think of the bills you’ll save flying yourself around the world.

Even Hollywood ace John Travolta loves it, exclaiming “This thing is awesome! The Icon A5 has my name written all over it.” Does that mean it comes autographed, JT?

[Watch its first foray into flight here]


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