Google: evil?

stuff_googlelogo1According to The Times, yes – every time you run a search in Google, it generates some seven grams of carbon dioxide (about half of what it ‘costs’ to boil your kettle). Well, that’s the price of searching billions of pages in a fraction of a second, we suppose. And let’s put it in perspective… a cheeseburger generates 3,600g of CO2. Even driving a golf buggy to the library has more environmental impact.


While we’re defending Google, we love the company’s new favicon – we never bought that lower case ‘g’ icon (too similar to Guardian Unlimited for us). A couple of days ago, Google brought in this distinctive new splash, now the brightest icon in our bookmarks toolbar, designed by André Resende, a computer science undergraduate student from Brazil. Nice.

UPDATE: The Google/tea/environmental catastrophe story has been rebutted by Google, and the original source says he doesn’t do tea comparisons. The Times, apparently, has agreed to correct the story. We’ll happily beat them to it (and stop believing what it says in future).


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