CES daily digest, day two

Day two of CES. They’re on the pitch, Ballmer takes the ball early… and drops it! Or does he? Find out below, because he’s part of our Hot Five for the second day:

stuff_windows7Windows 7
The Steve years are inaugurated at CES this year for Microsoft, just as they end for Apple (or so we’re told). But could MS CEO Steve Ballmer capture some of the magic that fell out of Apple’s keynote net? In a word, no – the keynote was big on length and skinny on detail. As expected, the Windows 7 beta was launched worldwide. Are we brave enough to pass comment on it before the development community has had a bash? Not really, but it must be an improvement on Vista. Please?

Watch TV
Okay – TV is big this year, and there doesn’t seem to be whole lot of agreement about how we want to watch it. Panasonic thinks we want skinny wirelessness, LG is looking at (relatively) supersized OLED sets, Samsung is gearing up for 3D gaming, Sharp doesn’t want us to bother buying a standalone Blu-ray player and JVC believes that an association with iPod is a surefire path out of the recession. But what to watch? [Thanks to official CES blog Engadget for being first with the show floor posts]

stuff_giiniiandroidGiiNii Movit Mini
Heard of it? Nope, us either, but it’s the talk of CES – for today anyway. What is it? An Android Wi-Fi tablet or – as so many observers have pointed out – an Android version of the iPod Touch, right down to its soft keyboard. So far, so cool… but its use for some of us in the Middle East may be limited: the Movit Mini doesn’t have GSM to make calls, relying instead on built-in Skype functionality. It’s still prototype, mind, so we’ve time to cook up a decent hack.

stuff_casiofc100fs10Casio point-and-shoots
Once the darlings Stuff’s Top 10 camera listings, Casio point-and-shooters haven’t really caught our imaginations lately. Well, the company has just put paid to that. The two new Exilim models launched at CES (EX-FC100 and EX-FS10) both have 6MP sensors and 5x/3x optical zooms respectively. Not excited? How about the fact that both can shoot at 1,000fps? You heard right. And that means only one thing: 2009 is the year of the slo-mo movie (ya… aa… aa… ay!).

stuff_iriverwavephoneiriver WAVE
Last year, we saw the launch of iriver’s Spinn and a few other juicy design tidbits that were lickable, strokable and lustworthy, but failed to make as many ripples in the pond as everyone hoped. Undeterred, iriver has announced the iriver WAVE – a Wi-Fi phone with full media compatibility, a QWERTY keyboard and a back-to-basics design imprint that’s sure to appeal to those of us who loved iriver’s less-is-more approach to 2008’s stock.

UPDATE: In case you’re wondering, the Casio cams only shoot 1,000fps in video mode (obviously). But they’ll give you 30fps with the 6MP stills, too.

UPDATE: Apparently, that picture is not the iriver WAVE. It’s an iriver something else, according to a garbled report from Tom, our man in Las Vegas. Still, nice picture, no?


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