paddysquareWe’re men of manners, so we’ll start with a few personal introductions. We’ll try to get some pictures up soonish (here’s a teaser of a man who’s been overlit in the photographic studio), but for now these biographical gobbets will have to do. The original crew of Stuff posters includes:

Tom Shambler – touching down on the asphalt at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport as this post goes live, Tom will be bringing us the latest news from CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics event. And trying to blag a new phone, as usual.

Mike Priest – so blistered are Mike’s fingers from hours spent tapping on console controls, it’s a wonder he can blog at all, but he suffers for his art… and to bring you his inimitable gaming insights. Caution: may occasionally rant.

Paddy Smith – the voice of reason who’s too good-looking for radio or just the man the wrote this post? You decide. On second thoughts, don’t…


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