CES Day One wrap

After the disappointing Apple keynote from Macworld 2009 – no iPhone Nano, no large format iPhone, no 64GB iPod Touch (or 32GB iPhone), not even a bit of cut-and-paste action – we thought we’d share some of the highlights from day one of CES. So, here’s our Hot Five for the day:

stuff_eeet911Eee PC T91
Wondering where else Asus could plant the Eee brand? Well, now you know. Not only did the company unveil an Eee Keyboard (we can’t help thinking it should have been called the Eeeboard – missed opportunity there, Asus), but also a tablet edition 8.9in laptop – the T91. Hit the links for details and pictures (or wait for next month’s issue of Stuff, which will have a full rundown of CES-ery).

stuff_linksyswirelesaudioLinksys Wireless Home Audio
We might have guessed this was coming. Every time we talk to Linksys, they seem less interested in what router we’re using and more interested in whether we can listen to Led Zep II in the bathroom. Looks like the Linksys design studio has been doing overtime to bring us this modular system, which streams wirelessly over 802.11n and includes an iPod dock and touchscreen remote.

Finally, we can all stop running extra audio cables out of the back of the TV. The next-gen HDMI cable allows you to run audio signals ‘backwards’, so if you’re using the tuner in the TV, you can enjoy surround sound without extra cabling. Plus, the new standard will carry even higher resolution pictures. So now we just need to wait for HDMI 2.0 to catch on with manufacturers.

Sony Vaio P
Okay, it’s not officially announced yet, and we haven’t fingered the mythical blighter, but we’ve seen enough pics to convince us. Apparently, even Sony’s shinier-than-thou laptop arm couldn’t resist the lure of netbook territory. The Vaio P is expected to make the HP Mini 1000 look beefy, and pack enough grunt to run Windows. What? Even on top of Sony’s bloatware suite?

stuff_harmony1100Logitech Harmony 1100
Last year Logitech unveiled the Harmony, its latest assault on the beleaguered all-in-one remote control market. It impressed, but why stop there – here’s the update: a svelte 3.5in touchscreen block in the mould of B&O’s Beosound 5 (after a fashion). And, unlike the rest of this list, we could be seeing this as soon as February. Now how about an update on the Squeezebox Duet, Logitech?


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